Dear blog readership,

it’s my pleasure and privilege to present a poem I bargained for in the early days of this millenium… and as I find Leena Hindocha’s Untitled Piece to be self-explanatory beyond compare I shall refrain from further commentary and any attempts of accurate translation.

Yours sincerely, Jana Chantelau


As yet untitled

I squeeze my
sun-swollen feet
into fancy Italian boots –
of „best quality leather“
I’m assured.
Never mind comfort,
it’s the leather and look
that’s important.

Bright, branded, patent
buckled – with this season’s
„Perfect Block Heel!“
the assistant coos.
They’ll pinch my toes,
they’ll pinch your purse –
that clever creature
selling them to me knows…

„Oh, they’ll be fine, they’ll give…“
me blisters and bunions,
repeated fungal infections.
A strained back as I
contort to remove them.
And I’ll be cursing –
fuck – fuckity – fuck –

the Italian man who
designed them
who, I can assure you,
has never once had to
walk in 4-inch heels,
with square toes,
in sand, on Indian roads.

But, just right now
I watch – pleased as punch –
as my totally impractical,
beautiful boots
are wrapped into a blue silk bag
and handed over.
Gently, jealously
like a baby.

– Author: Leena Bapu Hindocha –

Über SATZBAUWERK - Jana V. Chantelau

In Berlin leite ich die Agentur SATZBAUWERK. Meine Schwerpunkte liegen in der Texterstellung, Kampagnen-Planung und Krisenkommunikation.

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